SMME Power Loan

Our SMME Power loan is designed to finance income-generating activities and employment creation, and to support the establishment and/or expansion of small and medium-sized business activities..


To qualify for an SMME Loan, you must be a Namibian citizen, aged between 18 and 60 years at loan entry and actively running a small business.
The enterprise or activity for which the loan is applied must have been in existence for at least six months or be a start-up that is owner-driven.
You must not be listed on ITC and must provide proof of capacity to afford the monthly loan repayment to be generated from business or additional income sources.
You must have a business bank account from which all business-related transactions are conducted, permitting debit order collection for loan repayment purposes.
Applications for funding must be realistic in every aspect, to the point and business plans be logically prepared and down to earth. Click here for some simple guidelines of what to include in your business plan.
Excluded business activities: shebeens, gambling, cash loans and taxis.

Loan amounts and terms

Loan size: N$15,000 – N$250,000 per loan client.
Loan term: from six to a maximum of 48 months.


You are required to make a cash security build-up contribution determined on the loan amount you are applying for, to be held as collateral by Kongalend.
This is payable on approval of your loan and is refundable once you have repaid your loan in full.
You must appoint a responsible person that you trust to act as your guarantor during the tenure of your loan, who is prepared to repay the loan on your behalf, should you fail to pay the loan.
All loans also include credit-linked insurance cover.

How to apply and required documents

You can apply by completing a loan application form at any of our offices or you can download an application form
The following supporting documents must be handed in with your loan application:
Copy of your Namibian ID
Copy of the ID of your guarantor
Copies of your company documents
Six months’ bank statements of your business and your personal bank accounts
A short business plan detailing the exact use of the loan; and
Valid quotations from the supplier(s) of items to be financed with the loan.